Friday, April 26, 2013

Tuesday 4/16/13- View from our Lanai VIDEO

I know how to say Lanai now

Tuesday 4/16/13- Watching the sun rise on the beach VIDEO

I sound like an idiot in most of these videos.  But I'm in Hawaii for the first time.  Also I apologize for my pronunciation of several of the Hawaiian words.  I got better.

Tuesday 4/16/13- Exploration

Tuesday we woke at the ass crack of dawn (around 5:30 am) because we decided we were awake.  I decided it would be amazing to watch the sun rise on the beach.  I will note here that I was tired and hopefully not fully aware that we were on the south and west facing side of the island and therefore there would be no sun rising on our side of the island.  Zach of course failed to correct me until we had rushed down there and I realized the sun was coming up behind us...

But we were on the beach.  Kenolio Park to be exact. 


And we did get to watch the sunrise.  Just over a volcano instead of on the beach. 

But we were still standing on the beach.
And then we went a little futher down to Kalama beach and helped a crab by flipping him over so he could avoid getting eated by birds.
And watch some paddle surfers.
Then we went back to our room and went to the pool.
Then we relaxed for a bit.  I promise Zach does have swim shorts on in this picture.
After the relaxing, we went out to find second breakfast.  Mostly because nothing ws open when we went out the first time.  We actually drove all the way back up to Kahului to the Krispy Kreme.  Yeah I know, but Zach really wanted doughnuts.  But I was very pleasantly surprised by their pineapple fritter.  Soooooo good. 
We wandered back down to Kihei and down to some craft and farmer's markets we found the first time we drove along the beach.  Zach had a plan to get several Hawaiian shirts (Or as they call them in Hawaii, shirts) (blame Aaron and Stan for that joke) and I fell in love with a dress.  We also picked up some fresh fruit and stopped by the Foodland for items to stock our fridge.  We ended up stopping at Foodland a lot.  We discovered a lot of interesting foods.  Li Ming Powder, Coconut Pudding, Poke.  It was a lot of fun.
We weren't super hungry for lunch and by the time I got hungry, it was almost time for the Luau.  And I didn't want a big meal before we went there.  So we got ice cream at Kihei Aloha Ice cream parlor.  I don't remember what I had except that it was Kona coffee ice cream with coconut in it.  So good. 
We got back to the condo and Stan and Dana were going out for gelato.  So we joined them.  We went to Maui Gelato.  We had the coconut and a mix of tropical fruits.  Really good.  So we had lots of frozen treats for lunch.  

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Monday 4/15/13- OH My God so much flying!

Since we needed a place to leave Heidi for the week, we drove to Zach's parent's in DC to leave her there and to fly out of Washington National Airport.  Made the flight cheaper (woo!).   Our flight left at 9am, which meant that to avoid traffic and to have time to navigate an airport much, much larger than Huntington, WV (seriously it has two gates in the same room) we had to leave at 4:30 am.  Yay...  Traffic wasn't that bad so we got there pretty early.  It gave us plenty of time to get through security, which we needed.  And then we sat.  And then we got on a plane and sat.  And then we got off of the plane at LAX and sat.  Then we got on a plane again and flew over nothing but ocean and sat.  I think both flights were somewhere around 12 hours total.  It was a lot of just sitting on a plane.  But we made it.  Actual Yay!

So we get off the plane around 5pm Maui time.  We pick up our rental car.  Of course they tried to upgrade us to either a convertible or a jeep.  We stuck with the tiny Mazda 2 that was like a 4 door version of my Yaris.  But apparently Hertz (and all the other rental companies) does amazing business in upselling jeeps to people.  They were everywhere.  Everyone driving had a silver Jeep.  Including several of the people there for the wedding, which made it difficult to keep track of them while we were driving.  Seriously, all of the jeeps.

We flew into Kahului and we were staying in Kihei.  So it is about a 30 minute drive.  We stopped and dropped off our stuff at the condo we were staying at.  Took a little bit to rest and be amazed by the room we were staying in and the view.

This is the porch from our lanai.
Our bedroom.  We had settled in by this point

The bathroom!  Look at that tub.  So there is a fun story about the bathroom.  As you can see from the bedroom picture there is pretty much only a folding divider between the bed and bathroom.  There is that large mirror at the end of the bed.  The closet is a huge mirror and there is a large mirror in the vanity.  If you lay on the bed, the mirrors are angled so you can see everything going on.  If the curtain of the screen door is open the mirrors reflect everything that is going on it the bathroom.  The tub is out in the open.  The shower has a glass wall.  The toilet has a sliding door, but it got a bit cramped with it closed and you could still kind of see through the shower curtain.  Nothing like taking a shower and realizing that Zach could see me while he laid on the bed.  Awkward...  And then there was the time I was relaxing in the bath and Zach decided to take a shower.  Definitely felt like a creeper.  

Then off to find food.  We went to Fat Daddy's BBQ in Kihei.  We got the sampler plate.  So much food.  And they had this amazing mustard that was pretty much just whole mustard seed in vinegar.  I don't like mustard; I ate that mustard.  The sausage might have helped. (that's what she said).

Then bed.  Finally

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Maui 2013

I think a blog is going to be the easiest way for me to show what happened on our trip without you having to listen to me drone on about how awesome it was or without me clogging up facebook with all of my fabulous pictures.  This way you can look if you want (or ignore) and read at your own pace.  Plus it will be easier for me to find later and will probably help me a lot when I start scrapbooking all of this.