Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuesday 4/16/13- The Luau

Unfortunately, Dana's sister was delayed on several of her flights.  So I took her place at the luau.  We went to the one at the Westin Maui Resort.  

 This would be us still sober.  They had an open bar, delicious drinks and a waiter that kept them coming. 
This is the MC for the evening (the one on the right) and Dave (on the left).  The MC was hilarious.  And he used Dave to open a coconut using a pointed stick.  Dave's job was to hold the stick.  Dave didn't do a very good job of holding the stick. 
The start of the dancing!
Fire dancing.  These guys and the main guy were great.  I was also really drunk.  So it is possible he just stood up there and waived around a lighter. 
Dana with one of the hula dancers. 
Nadine with the main fire dancer.  Like I said, super awesome job.  Oh and that lei is real flowers.  They had shopping.  Which we hit after our first Mai Tai.  The lei smelled so good.  Drunk shopping isn't a good idea.
One of the hula dancers.  Her hair seriously hit the top of her skirt.  It was amazing.  Again, drunk me just wanted to pet it.  You can see by the fact that she is smiling and not running away that I managed to restrain myself. 

The next post will have some videos because it got dark and they were moving fast so all of my pictures are crap.  But my videos, turned out good.

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