Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Wednesday 4/17/13- West side of the Island and "Rehersal" BBQ

 After Iao, we drove around the west volcano to Lahaina (there is still contention about how this is pronounced).  What follows lacks pictures because of driving and food and alcohol. 

 But both mountains did have wind farms on them.  This is the best we got while driving. 
 My memory card was then filled with about 20 blurry shots of ocean and the fronts and sides of cars until Zach snapped this picture. 

The reason we were driving to Lahaina was to find the Maui Brewing Company.  It was about an hour drive from Iao and well worth it.  We were going to hit up the actual brewery, but their tours were on the wrong days.  So we went to their Brew Pub instead.  Best idea ever.  Delicious food.  The beer battered onion rings were of course made with Maui Sweet Onions and the batter had their beer in it.  They also had homemade ketchup and mustard.  Apparently I only like mustard on Maui.  I ate it with gusto.  Zach was confused.  I then had Kalua pork with Coconut Porter BBQ sauce and I don't remember what Zach had because I shoved my face in my plate.  We also had two tasting boards of their beer.  So good.  Rarely have I had beer where I could actually taste the ingredients they started with.  Most of them were local.  But then Zach ordered a Coconut Porter float.  OMG!  The vanilla ice cream just made the coconut flavor pop.  Amazing.  I was very sad I was driving and couldn't have one of my own.  And then we had bread pudding.  I think the beer was in the sauce.  So much food.  So worth it. 

And then we headed back for the family cookout/ rehearsal dinner.  We had to stop by the liquor store first.  We picked up some Maui Dark Rum, Mauicello, and more Coconut Porter.  As dinner was getting ready, we watched the sun set.

We ended the day in the pool. 

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