Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Wednesday 4/17/13- The Morning and Iao State Park

 This is going to be one hell of a picture spam post.  We went out to Iao state park in the morning.

 But we started with coffee on the Lanai.  Have I mentioned the coffee yet?  They grow coffee on Maui.  Good shit.  We brought back two bags.  It was not enough.  There are several things from this day that I will be finding ways to order.  The coffee is high on the list.  I don't remember if this was from first or second breakfast.  We had a bad habit of waking up at 6am.  We had a quick breakfast and went shopping at Foodland.  We really did go there a lot.  Then we came back and got in the pool.  It was nice getting up so early.  We accomplished a lot of stuff before lunch.

We arrived a Iao state park in the morning.  Also, have I mentioned the chickens yet?  yeah, they are running wild everywhere.  In particular was the group planted in the middle of the road in the parking lot.  The attendant informed me they would move.  I don't think the chickens realized that.  Also this erosion formation is a phallic symbol.  Yay!
 An amazing view with a Zach.  You can see the parking lot.
 Still an amazing view but with less Zach.
 The stairs we walked up.  I very much appreciate that I could just walk up them and Erin wasn't yelling at me to do calf raises up them. 
 Walking down.  This was the greenest area of the island we had been to so far.  We didn't make it to the side of the island Hana is on, which is supposed to be the more tropical side. 
 There is a garden that has only native species of plants in it.  Lots of taro. 
 And the first palm tree I had seen with coconuts actually on it.
 Down the road a bit were the Kepaniwai Park's Heritage Gardens.  Many of the cultures that made up Maui's immigration history had small parks.  This was Japan's.
 Complete with Koi pond and bamboo path.
These were unicorn lion statues in the Korean garden.

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