Monday, June 17, 2013

Thursday 4/18/13- Pre Wedding!

So we started out early because we were up at 6 again.  We tried to go out shopping, but everything was closed.  I have definitely come to understand the term "Hawaii Time."  Most shops open up around 9 or 10 or whenever the person opening get to work.  Not a bad way to live life.  But we were trying to shop for some Hawaiian shirts for Zach so we were out of luck. 

We needed to get some souvenir coffee (I've mentioned the coffee).  Dana told us we needed to go to Lava Java and try their frozen mochas.  So we did.  Expensive coffee by the bag, but grown locally and organically.  Super delicious.  And the frozen mochas.  They were like a chocolate shake, mixed with coffee, and turned into a slurpee consistency.  Super rich and sweet, but soooooo good.  I'm drooling a bit right now remembering it. 

So what else do we do when we are out shopping and nothing is open but the Foodland that is open 24 hours?  That's right, go to Foodland.  I figured since we were leaving the next day, we could stop and pick up souvenirs and any food we had tried that needed to go with us.  We got some candy and some other things.

Then it was time for brunch at the Kihei Café with part of the wedding party.  So much food.  I had the fried rice.  It had ham and bacon and eggs in it.  With homemade hot sauce.  So much food.  I'm drooling again. 

 We also had the company of a rooster while we ate.  He was very determined to get some food.  Even jumping on nearby, vacated tables. 
 Then Zach and I ran out to do some actual shopping.  We picked him out some shirts.  I have to say, my husband can pull of a Hawaiian shirt. 

He is also super helpful when it comes to the steaming of shirts. 
 Hair and makeup time for the ladies.  I think Zach had run away to go swimming.
 I tried to convince the hairdresser to leave Nicki's hair like this.  No such luck.
 They also didn't listen when I said to leave Dana's hair like this.  You can see Nicki's hair taking shape in the background.
 All finished!  Rocking the fake eyelashes. 

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